God’s Encouraging Words

While in the office doing devotion this morning, God spoke to us with such encouraging words. We were using the devotional from Annabelle Gilliam, “Love That Never Lets You Go.” It asked us a question. “If we could imagine God scowling us and with His finger shaking at us saying…’look, I have led you this far–but NO FURTHER!’ Can you imagine Him saying that you are on your own from here on out. I have to eventually cut the apron strings don’t I. You have to eventually learn to walk by yourself. Of course we know this isn’t true, but yet as we read it our emotions start up and our bodies want to sit down.”

Maybe you’re sitting in the same row where Annabelle sat. “This is man’s idea of God–the God he would build. His conjecture. This is man and his interpretaion of God and the role He plays in our lives.”

This devotion was so for me this morning as I shared it with the staff because lately I have felt that God was walking with me NO FURTHER! However, Jeremiah 29:13 was my comfort. It states that if we seek Him with all of our heart, He will show Himself to us. This morning I have certainly sought Him with all of my heart and I found Him right where I left Him…in my chair, reading the Words of God within me through His Holy Spirit that NEVER leaves me. In the pages of His precious Word that I open daily, He faithfully speaks. In my fleshly interpretation of God and the role He plays in my life, I was thinking within myself that He had gone as far with me as He was going to go, but then I realized that as long as I live, He’s made the promise to never leave nor forsake me. He is the vine and I am the branch grafted into Him. And apart from Him, I can do NOTHING! (John 15:5) So like Annabelle’s devotion this morning, I will rush to find Him, I need Him desperately, I want to know Him and I know without a doubt that I love, love, love Him and He loves me back! I pray this pierces your hearts as it did mine, because I needed it this morning.

I Just Love Jesus and I love you too!

Dr. Brenda J. Robinson


Our Potential

It has been a long time since I have been physically able to post a blog. I’m sure that many of you have questioned my stability in this endeavor, but it is only by the grace of God that I am alive to post this blog. I have been reminded over and over through out  this process of the promise that ‘Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world.’ I would be lying to say that I am healed and back up to par. This present physical battle has attacked my body in every aspect of the word. For the past six weeks, it has been the promises of the Word of God, my faith in His promises, and the prayers of the saints that have kept me holding on to the will to live.

 I would like to take this time to thank everyone for your prayers, cards, and support during my time of treatments. I am blessed with the most precious and faithful family and staff members of New Desire. They have literally fed, bathed and comforted me, and held me while I cried. They have been the arms, the mouth piece and the love of Jesus Christ in visible form throughout this whole experience. Again, greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world.

I have learned through this battle that no good in me I find, but I am reminded of God’s omnipotence that when I see no good or potential in me, He is working it for my good and for His glory. I hope you will enjoy a personal quote from me that is posted below. Read it, ponder it in your heart, and rest in it.

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For greater is He that is in youthan he that is in the world.  And don’t forget, God sees your potential, so fight the fight.

I Just Love Jesus

Dr. Brenda J. Robinson

He Will Perform

Have you ever planted something, and with anticipation, checked it every day to see if it had burst out of the soil? There’s an excitement that something you planted is going to produce what it was created to produce. If we plant a rose bush, we can be confident that it is going to produce roses. If we plant a peach tree, we know that it will produce peaches. Thus our Christian life has the same seed to produce everything God intends for us to be. We have the potential to produce His seed of holiness, righteousness, and forgiveness. We can be confident that the work He started in us at the moment of salvation, He will be faithful to perform in our lives. It doesn’t take any effort on our part. Philippians 1:6 proves this statement, and you will see it below:


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This is my Scripture that I sign off with on every book that I sign. God took a fragile, used up, insecure young woman and used this Scripture to transform my life and my thinking. The secret was that it had been truth all along, but I realized that before it could become truth in my life, I had to believe it for myself. I began everyday to memorize this Scripture and every time one of my insecurites surfaced or I faced a mind battle I would quote this Scripture out loud. I believed that I was this little flower blooming in the righteousness of God. I also believed that I could be confident that He had begun a good work in me when He saved me. My effort had to be in trusting that the promise that He would perform it through me would come to pass in God’s time and in God’s way. I don’t know what your struggle may be, but I can promise you this: He will perform the good work that He started in you when you were conceived in your mother’s womb. The battle will be whether or not you allow Him to perform His good work in you.

Like the seed that you plant and check every day to see if it is bursting out of the soil, likewise your heavenly Father checks on you with anticipation to see how quickly you are growing in Him. He then anticipates the harvest you will produce.

Through salvation a seed was planted in you and in that seed is everything you need to produce the fruits of righteousness. Be confident that God will grow it and produce it. You surely can’t make it happen on your on, so trust Him with your life and be confident that HE WILL PERFORM His work in you.

I Just Love Jesus

Dr. Brenda J. Robinson


A Sovereign Breakfast

Good morning to you all.  I come to you in the name of Jesus: the name that is above all names, the name that holds the power to life and death, the name that drives my passion. It has been seven days since I’ve had time to just sit down and blog my heart, thoughts, and feelings with you, my precious friends in Christ. In these last seven days, I have visually witnessed Satanic warfare. As we all know, we are in the last days and the enemy forces are coming at us stronger than ever before.

As I invite you to sit down to ‘A Sovereign Breakfast’ with me this morning, we will partake in what the sovereignty of God really means. We will chew it, swallow it and digest it. It will be the weapon of our warfare. The sovereignty of God means that He is in absolute control, and I can assure you that whatever He ordains always comes to pass and that His divine purpose is always accomplished.

This morning we need to sit down, sip on His promises, digest His truths, and not only believe them for personal intimacy with Him but use them as bread that we can break with our fellow believers. Then, we must be brave enough to disperse them into the life of a lost soul that may be around us seeking salvation. After we have digested His truth, let us walk away from His table empowered by applying the things we have digested that come from Him alone. The only way that we can enjoy this sovereign breakfast is to give God absolute control of everything about our lives, from our thoughts to our actions and especially our words. God’s sovereignty gives Him three titles: Omniscient (He is all-knowing); Omnipotent (He is all-powerful); Omnipresent (He is everywhere at all times). The bittersweet aspect of this breakfast from a fleshly standpoint is this fact: Human instrumentality is not necessary for God to carry forth His plan, but God has chosen humans to be His intermediaries. 

I find great comfort in the midst of my warfare that my sovereign God not only breaks bread with me in the morning, but His sovereignty is like caffeine to my soul. It energizes and speeds up my spiritual metabolism to a level that I can’t control. His Spirit controls my every move. I live knowing that every moment of every day He is in absolute control. He has ordained His will for my life, and I rest in His divine peace knowing that what He has ordained and His divine purpose will come to pass and will be accomplished according to His will, not mine.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this sovereign breakfast. Swallow it, digest it, and let it lead you out in peace as you begin your day. Remember, in His sovereignty He goes before you, He goes with you, and He’s always a step ahead of you. He gives His angels charge over thee and orders their assignment for your life today. I have enjoyed our breakfast together, and I look forward to your comments.


I Just Love Jesus

Dr. Brenda J. Robinson

Unscrambling Him

Sorry it has taken me so long to blog, however, our schedule has been busy and I am still on the road promoting New Desire’s 2nd Annual Kentucky Women’s Conference coming up in August. I only have a minute, but I wanted you all to know that you’re on my heart. I wanted to share a brief Scripture with you from John 3:30 which says, “He must increase but I must decrease.”

My daughter-in-law, Brooke, posted something on her Facebook page a couple of nights ago that triggered a thought within my own heart. She made the statement “If you’re saying “I did this” or “I did that” you may be trying to take credit away from God. “I” can’t do anything without Him. He deserves ALL CREDIT!” Brooke, you are absolutely correct, and I appreciate this post. I am so proud to call you my daughter-in-love. As I was reading this statement, I was drawn to the word “Him.” If you pay close attention, the letter ‘i’ is between the ‘h’ and the ‘m.’ So, when you take ‘i’ out of ‘Him’ you find yourself all alone. You can not be complete without putting yourself in the middle of Him.

For example, the letter ‘i’ put before the letter ‘h’ isn’t a word. If you take away the ‘h’ you have ‘im’ and it’s still all about you. Are you confused yet? Because, when it’s all about you, you will find yourself very confused and we know the Bible says that God is not the author of confusion. Again, the Scripture tells us that “He must increase and I must decrease.” When the ‘i’ is between the ‘h’ and the ‘m’ it’s in its proper place and HIM (Christ) increases. Just unscrambling your life, one letter at a time. Now, take the word “Him” and put the letters in their proper place, and you will find that you’re in the center of HIM. I hope you enjoy this short blog. I have more meetings and interviews, but I’ll be talking to you soon!


I Just Love Jesus

Dr. Brenda J. Robinson

Not a Servant of Christ

Well friends, I’m back with a fire that I can’t keep shut up in my bones and I come to you with righteous indignation. I understand more everyday why Jesus overturned the tables in the temple. Christ does not honor lukewarm Christians or fence straddlers, and I guess I’m just foolish enough in love with Him to post this, because it’s probably going to get me in trouble, but I post it unashamed and unafraid.

I’m posting another one of my quotes, and I pray that you will read it carefully because we as a church are taking an eraser and removing Galatians 1:10 from the Word of God by our actions and our lifestyle. So, I will first post the beautiful picture with the quote:

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Galatians 1:10 verifies this quote. It says, “For do I now persuade men, or God? or do I seek to please men? for if I yet pleased men, I should not be the servant of Christ.” I’ve experienced several fleshly attitudes over the last few weeks who have come to me for counsel, and they choose not to change because they are determined to please man; therefore, they cannot be a servant of Christ. This is not “thus saith Brenda,” this is “thus saith the Lord.” The Scripture lies right here before us. I can’t help but to write this with loving compassion, but at the same time with a compelling conviction to stand on what the Word of God says. I have a passionate desire to teach people the truths of God’s Word that will change them forever, but I can’t transform them. It has to come from within, and only God can perform that work  based on their willingness and their love for Him. As you’ve heard me say numerous times on this blog, we don’t have to wonder how much God loves us. It is evident through the giving of His Son on Calvary. So, here’s some free counsel for all of you who want to straddle the fence:

1. Let’s pray it’s not a barbed wire fence. That could get rough! When Satan is pulling at you on the left and the Spirit is pulling on the right, someone’s going to get hurt!  (And you can imagine who that will be…)

2. You’re going to have to choose between the lust of your flesh and the fruit of the Spirit.

3. You’re going to have to make some sacrifices to be what God intends for you to be.

4. The ‘buts’ and ‘what ifs’ are only going to keep you in bondage to yourself.

5. If you lose friends because you choose to live for God and stand for Him, those people weren’t your friends to start with.

6. (The number for man) As long as you’re trying to fit in, impress others or live the image, you will not be a servant of Christ. You will have chosen your own way over God’s way.

Based on this list, are you pleasing to God or not a servant of Christ? Pay close attention to the quote in the picture and ask the Lord to help you to always be pleasing to Him. I love you with all my heart.


I Just Love Jesus

Dr. Brenda J. Robinson

Don’t Forget to Love Him

“We love Him, because He first loved us.” 1 John 4:19

Several days ago I was driving down the road in the Spirit, talking to the Lord, and thanking Him for loving me first. He loved me when I didn’t want anything to do with Him. He died for me and paid for my sin. 1 John 4:10 says, “Herein is love, not that we loved God, but that He loved us, and sent His Son to be the propitiation for our sins.” For many years I was mindful of Christ, but I didn’t love Him…I just knew of Him. While driving in the Spirit, I realized that over twenty years ago I fell in love with Him and I love Him with every fiber of my being. I grow to love Him more everyday, and the more I serve Him the more I realize the depth of His love for me. It’s an amazing, unexplainable love. He’s my passion, my purpose, my desire. If you’re someone who may just be Christ-mindful, let me just remind you that He loved you first, and you’re missing the greatest blessing in life if you’re forgetting to love Him back. Please don’t think me ciritical. I’m just trying to introduce you to a love that will change your life, your thinking, and your behavior forever. Loving Jesus is the most important decision you will ever make in your life. From my own experience, you can’t help but see Him, feel Him, and know that He is with you and that will increase your love for Him even more. I just know that if He will love me and He allows me to love Him, then He wants everyone to experience His love and love Him back in the same way. It’s my desire that you experience loving Jesus.

If you’re having a hard time understanding what I’m trying to say, let me give you something that might clear it up… Who is that one person in your life that you love so deeply that you feel that you could give your life for them? If your answer is not Jesus, then you’re forgetting to love Him. We need Him when we’re weary. We cry out to Him in times of fear. We pray in our most troubled times for Him to make a way. Most of us even show up at church every time the doors are open; however, when things don’t go our way or turn out the way we think they should, we forget to love Him. I guess what I’m trying to say is this: if He loved us enough to die for us, let us not just love Him and need Him in our hard times, but let’s love Him all the time. Let’s make Him the one that we love so much, with a love that is so deep and so genuine, that we would be willing to sacrifice the things of this life to demonstrate how much we truly love Him.

Boy, my heart is burdened over this. As I’m writing, I realize the greatest problem today within the body of believers is that we know Him, we receive Him, we profess Him as our Lord and Savior, but we are so in love with so many other things in life that there’s no room within us to love Him. We only love Him when it’s convenient for us… when we’re desperate… when we’re devastated. He loves us so much that He’s just standing right there to help us, when He knows that after He comes to our rescue, He will not be our first love anymore. We will go right back to our usual lifestyle, forgetting to love Him always.

I pray that this particular blog gives you something to think about in your intimate relationship with the lover of your soul, Jesus Christ. If you want to know if He is within you to love, this Scripture should clear it up: “Whosoever shall confess that Jesus is the Son of God, God dwelleth in him, and he in God. And we have known and believed the love that God hath to us, God is love; and he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God, and God in him. Herein is our love made perfect, that we may have boldness in the day of judgment: because as He is, so are we in this world. There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love” 1 John 4:15-18. My friends, I plead with you, don’t forget to love Jesus. Define in your heart what loving God truly means and purpose in both your heart and mind to love Jesus with that depth of love.

I Just Love Jesus

Dr. Brenda J. Robinson

A Spirit-filled Breakfast

“O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in Him.” Psalm 34:8

This past Sunday morning, New Desire sang for Nelson Baptist Church in Nelson, Georgia. Before the service starts we always find out from the minister of music or the pastor how long they want us to sing, if there will be preaching, etc. We were greeted by the pastor, so we asked him for the order of service and he said, “Just follow the leadership of the Lord.” It’s not often in churches these days that you get that answer, but it sure made for a great, Spirit-filled breakfast. The church was packed, and the people were hungry. As I stood on stage, I had this thought about the five major food groups…We all know that in the food chart they are as listed below:

Grains or Starch group Fruit and vegetables Milk and dairy foods Meat, fish, poultry and pulses fats and sugars

However, God showed me the five Spirit-filled food groups that we must partake of everyday:

Eating God’s Word Digesting the Holy Spirit Drinking Obedience Chewing the Truth Savoring your Salvation

When we taste and see that the Lord is good, we can enjoy these five Spirit-filled food groups. New Desire enjoyed this feast Sunday as God allowed us the opportunity to partake in such a Spirit-led service. New Desire walked in that church prayed up, fired up, and filled with His presence.

It blesses my heart as a mother to watch Labron and Brooke be so sensitive to the Spirit when we are on stage. When they partook of God’s Word, they sang in the Spirit, shared God’s Word in obedience, and exhorted His truth while they savored their salvation. Dan and I sometimes just sit back in awe of how God uses our children to disperse His Spirit-filled food groups.

New Desire loves to taste of the Lord, and we have no other choice but to place our trust in Him. There is nothing more fulfilling than to walk out of a church service like Sunday morning knowing that we had breakfast with the lover of our soul and the entire congregation. Lives were changed, hearts were rededicated, and those that come hungry left filled with the precious love of Jesus.

This morning, as you are partaking of your fruits, grains, dairy, meats and sugars, be sure you add the five Spirit-filled food groups to your breakfast and to your day. “O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in Him” Psalm 34:8. This Spirit-filled breakfast will leave you feeling full of wisdom, anointed, obedient, tender in truth, and secure in your salvation. I’ve enjoyed sharing breakfast with you, and I hope you will take it and share with others.


I Just Love Jesus

Dr. Brenda J. Robinson

The Heart of Home

Mother  always taught us that home could be anywhere as long as we were together. Love was the heart of home, and she made sure we all loved each other and that each one of us knew about the love of Jesus. As a five year old, home was where my mother was. Her love was the heart of our home. Day in and day out she poured God’s love into us through the reading of God’s Word. She taught us that it was our instruction book for life, that it would overcome every lie and deception of the enemy and the world, and that it would be food for a hungry soul and water for a thirsty heart. Oh, how I treasure the days of my childhood. I wouldn’t trade one of them for what I learned about the Lord. We are all grown and married with children and grandchildren now, and out of the nine of us, there are only five living. We are still practicing the principle that Mom taught us as children that as long as we’re together, we’re home.

I pray this blog will revert you back to sweet memories of your childhood. I pray that both the good and bad times of your raising will be sweet to your soul, as mine is to me. The most powerful thing in life is love, and when we share our love with our families, friends, and even strangers, they will feel as if they are home. It’s very important that our hearts of love are overflowing into the lives of others so they don’t feel like strangers, but like part of family…like they’ve always belonged…like they’ve known us forever. That’s how Mom said we could always know we were “home.” Mom always told us that whether we were cold, hungry, or scared, God’s love is what held us together and that He is always with us.

I want to share with you a place that Mom called home. One night when I was five years old, Dad pulled in the driveway. He walked in the house very intoxicated. Mother knew she had to load us nine children up and get us to a place of safety. She didn’t even own a drivers liscense, but thank God for good neighbors who took us to this place you will see in the video below. I hope it shows you the provision of God and blesses your heart, as it still does mine today.

Click on the picture to watch the video

Breakfast of Champions

Good Morning everyone,

I hope you will enjoy this breakfast of champions with  me. This morning we are going to enjoy one of my very own quotes that God has given me over the years while writing books, speeches, etc.  These quotes will be coming randomly so I hope you will read it carefully and make it part of your breakfast, because it will certainly strengthen you for the journey ahead. It is straight from the Lord and is full of spiritual protein that will give you the stamina to make it through the battles you will face throughout the day, and biblical fiber, which helps with digestion and cleansing. AIN’T THAT GOOD!! This is the breakfast of champions. This quote teaches us how to know that you are in the center of God’s will, and the best part of it all is the last bite that says “However, we win!” (I don’t know about you, but it seems like my last bite of food is always the best bite!)

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I want to give a special thanks so Kristi Turley, one of New Desire’s greatest friends and volunteer staff members, for all of her hardwork. She has taken all of the pictures that you will see in the background of these quotes. This particular photo was shot in Hawaii as we were there on a mission trip.  These quotes are copywritten and will some day be available to you in book form; however, feel free to share them with your friends.


I’ve enjoyed our breakfast together. I hope it will strengthen you for the warfare and make you effective for God.


I Just Love Jesus

Dr. Brenda J. Robinson

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